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Friend’s Realm is the social media place to share your digital pulse in your own space; influence and inspire! If you have been looking for a new social place to call home, with nice people, cozy and you don’t get lost on where the party is, this is the zone you want to be part of.

Friend’s Realm has added a few features to make your experience easy and enjoyable. Recently added, is the Video Upload feature. We have had a lot of fun with adding videos from many sources such as your favorite music videos, favorite lectures, funny videos and those performances that you never want to forget videos.

The past few months, members have taken their time to share their thoughts on lots of interesting topics including having a heart for being good earth stewards, contributing many ideas to help keep our earth from the human element of destruction. Members have shared their perspectives from both sides in thoughtful conversations and how we all can best get to that good place where we are on the same page.

Here are links below to find your way to some of the good content, discussions and groups you will enjoy reading:

Earth Stewardship Group

Friendly Fun Group

Favorite Performances Group

DIY Group

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