Announcing the Grand Opening of Gamer’s Insider

The Realm family of websites is proud to introduce our latest achievement in our social networking developments of:

Gamer’s Insider is a social gaming community where you can share with your friends, everything gaming, because that’s what you do. No game, no life! You’re a gamer through and through, with gaming stories of epic success to the gaming fails of defeat. Not all gaming websites are the same and that’s why Gamer’s Insider provides that unique platform for more social engagement in a new hybrid setting created for the modern gamer in mind.

Sure, you may ask, why would Gamer’s Insider be any different then the thousands of other gaming websites on the internet? I’m so glad you asked. The difference is we like all games, retro to modern. Gamer’s like to talk about their favorites, their wins and losses, share tips and tricks and level up to the max. Beyond that, Gamer’s Insider is working on developing a special feature to provide the most epic experience ever. So here’s the big secret, don’t tell anyone but the Admin of Gamer’s Insider really likes Webkinz (say what?) and virtual item trading. If you love Webkinz (you know you do and there’s a lot of you…. we won’t tell), then you will love Gamer’s Insider as we evolve to bring back virtual item trading. This is your chance to be on the ground floor, being part of something new, and offering your expert advice and most of all experience in the fine art of virtual item trading with your friends, building that trading “street cred” and most of all having fun!

Connect with your gamer friends for those epic gaming conversations and find new guilds. Your space to share your tech side with tips and tricks, dish any insider information on games and create albums, blogs, groups and forum discussions. Share your best epic gaming videos, photos, updates, and game personal favorites. Join today and become a Gamer’s Insider for friends and fun!

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Gamer’s Insider

You know, you’ve been waiting for a brand new niche community of fun that you can grow with and share with other Gamer Guru’s, right?

There are a full suite of tutorials to help you get started on your journey in a refreshing new social experience.

Gamer’s Insider Tutorials.

Don’t be shy, dive in, come and check us out! Get started on a new gamer’s social journey! No Game; No Life!

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