Special Trusted Friends

Sometimes along the way in life you find something special and unique. Part of the reason that Society Realm was created was to find website treasures on the internet. I would like to introduce to you Special Trusted Friends.

Special Trusted Friends is a website that was created to serve like-minded members in support of their recovery from addiction and mental health issues, to create a haven for friends coming together during their most difficult times, to support each other, hold each other up when they need a lift and most of all be the safe space for friendships built on a framework specifically created to offer the many features you would expect in a social environment.

Special Trusted Friends is also based in the United Kingdom as an extra support medium for Better Way Recovery, which is a support organization for people with drug and alcohol issues. They are based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK and also support people in neighboring Tamworth. If you are looking for a new experience, with caring and great people, this is your place for thoughtful support, where you will feel the embrace of hope and also the calm of having a new haven of support.

Direct Link to join Special Trusted Friends: