Branding Oopsies

I think it’s safe to say the past year has been rather interesting in terms of how brands either totally get their customers or have totally missed the mark on their customer base and in turn have disenfranchised many loyal customers. Enjoy this blog and op-ed on Branding Oopsies at Friend’s Realm.

An excerpt from Web Diva’s blog on Branding Oopsies:

Here’s the thing, when a corporate entity takes on an issue or makes a statement, there will always be people that will approve of it or not. There will also be people that will cheer them on, or will boycott the company for their marketing choice or public statements. I’m relatively forgiving, as most companies seem lately to be taking a stand on everything, however, when it comes to family and faith, protecting those that can’t protect themselves, such as children, the elderly and animals, I’m a bit bullish on my stand if a company crosses those lines.

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