Dear Government, please don’t ruin my laundry day!

Are you already frustrated that the water level choice is already too low in your washer to get your clothes clean and yet another provision has been set that laundry machines need to be made even more efficient. Here’s the thing, if I don’t feel like my laundry isn’t clean, I’ll wash it again. Also, if I don’t feel like the water level is doing it’s job to clean my clothes, I’m going to make smaller washes and do more washes to make sure my clothes are optimally clean. I know I’m not alone in this. I have friends, we talk and laundry day is a big deal and making sure your clothes are clean and smell nice is also a bigger deal. Here’s a fun blog from Web Diva about her laundry day wishes.

An excerpt from: Dear Government, please don’t ruin my laundry day!

I miss my old fashioned light bulbs, I dislike the annoying flow filters on my water faucets. I’ve grown fatigued with the constant changes in refrigerant. I don’t have a gas stove, but if I did then I’d have to wonder if I lived in a state that would regulate their removal then what? Anyone that knows me, knows “laundry day” is Monday, will at least my biggest laundry day, because laundry just seems endless at my house through out the week anyway. I’ve accepted the high efficiency appliances and I’ve always speculated that less water was a bit of a stretch that my clothes were really clean. I literally do smaller washes even though I’ve been told by “the experts” that, “less water and more clothes get cleaner that way.” In Texan I call, “bull****” on that. Now, we are being told that more regulations are coming to our washing machines to save water.

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Dear Government, please don’t ruin my laundry day!

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