The argument for the need for more people to go into the trades!

Millennials (Still) Don’t Want the Trades. Here’s Why & What Needs To Happen.

There is a huge shortage in the US of people going into a trade or they have been in a trade for a very long time and of retirement age. A person in the trades is the most honorable type of work and is so needed. There are too many shortages and misconceptions of the trades, such as HVAC, Electricians, Plumber’s, Construction, various Technical trades, Auto Mechanics and more. If you have a trade, you will never-ever be out of work. You will always thrive and your hourly wage or salary will always be secure along with many benefits in most circumstances. I’d like to see more people getting back in to the trades. Without you, nothing works, nothing gets fixed, when stuff breaks, some people try to fix what’s broken but often take unnecessary risks because they don’t have the safety foundation.

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