The United States- Drug Capital of the World

I don’t know if you are truly aware of the dire situation in America between drug use and homelessness and maybe you don’t even think about it much because it’s not in your world, but over the summer I’ve spent some time taking a look at videos published on Youtube that reveal the true hardships of the homeless and the true challenge we have in the America of an overflow of drugs and so many people addicted that’s it’s unbelievable until you really take a look. I’ve also noticed more and more that people I know, with friends and family are also finding themselves exposed directly or indirectly to America’s drug problem. In my world, I’m aware of two people that have overdosed on Fentanyl. It’s such a tragedy, because both were young and both parents were not aware their child was taking drugs.

A short excerpt from Web Diva’s blog: The United States- Drug Capital of the World:

Has any of you or your families been touched by drug abuse?  Since the pandemic, I’m aware of three deaths of friend’s young people due to fentanyl.  Fentanyl is the latest drug that can be very deadly.  There is so much of it coming through our borders and our border patrol at the Texas border and Arizona border are doing their best to prevent it coming through but it’s almost impossible to stop it.  The cartel’s are very savvy in how they package their drug product and using mules (people assigned the duty of carrying the drugs across the border) to cross the border, as well as aviation assets from small sea planes to drones to get the drugs across the border. 

An important point of fentanyl to remember is it sometimes just takes a tiny dose that may kill you.  Also, to note, is the drug cartel’s are now using fentanyl to cut other drugs such as cocaine and heroine as the “high” from these older drugs are now enhanced by the fentanyl.

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The United States- Drug Capital of the World

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