Collapsed Trachea Condition in Dogs

Small dog breeds like Pomeranian’s and Chihuahua’s have the unfortunate propensity to have a collapsed trachea condition. I’ve had Pomeranian’s for almost twenty years and each of them have had the condition. It is a heart wrenching condition but there are ways to keep them comfortable with a good quality life.

Here’s an excerpt on the condition. *This is not medical advice, meant for discussion only. Always discuss your pets condition and treatment with your veterinarian

The most common symptom of a collapsed trachea is the coughing/hacking sound a dog will make upon exertion or affected by humidity levels in the house or outside. It’s a very similar condition as COPD is in human’s. Pet’s can also have syncope episodes as the condition gets worse through time. In this case, a syncope, is not always brain related, dogs can syncope from a blocked airway.

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Collapsed Trachea Condition in Dogs

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