Grammatically incorrect use of “Woke”.

Here’s a playful exert on the use of “woke” from Pixel Wield, which is a new website that includes a space for homeschooling.

Grammatically incorrect use of “Woke”.

I’m a grammar freak. I may not be perfect in grammar usage, but I do have an excellent foundation in writing, so much so, when words are used incorrectly, I’m almost in the “Sheldon” realm in reaction where I want to cringe. (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory).

If you have been looking for an excellent website that represents the many facets of your life that includes, graphic art, homeschooling, creative writing and photography, this may be the vibe you’ve been looking for.

Come join us at Pixel Wield and help us build that ultimate resource needed for these specialty topics.

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