The Pitfalls of Perspective

It’s no secret that navigating through life has it’s challenges but when you are on that journey involving friends and family, the navigation just got a little bit more difficult because problem solving involves more than one perspective.

Here’s an excerpt at Mortal’s Realm on The Pitfalls of Perspective:

In social media and Forum websites, perspectives on an issue are often challenged. You will find the greatest distance in perspectives where people stand on an issue or event, while participating in an online discussion. Online experiences with polarizing topics, do not always turn out well. People have forgotten the age-old art of having discussions, debates and challenges of a topic to remain in a respectful order. The large part of our society has chosen to become bullies and unreasonable in their tactics online, rather then learning to take a breath, remember that there is another person behind that keyboard you are writing too and mostly above all, try to be reasonable. This is not a duel to the death, this is merely people conversing, sharing ideas and opinions.

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The Pitfalls of Perspective

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